“I have worked with

On Special Assignment for years

on events and media assignments

– their skills in event coordination

and media placement are unmatched.”

On Special Assignment was founded by Francine Bangert to fulfill a growing demand for a marketing and public relations SWAT team that is project focused, yet understands how to anticipate the special needs of clients. Meeting that demand requires that we are:


           Quick ~ to match the speed of our clients

           Experienced ~ to provide proven marketing and PR services

           Easy to work with ~ to make doing business with us a pleasure


We recognized this need in the marketplace after working on both the client and agency sides of the business.  We can provide effective marketing and PR services because we know what it’s like to be a client with high expectations ~ we’ve been there.


We found rapid success by providing clients with exceptional marketing and PR service no matter how small the job.   Sometimes a client needed just need one press release, a single ad or help managing an event. We’ve helped all kinds of businesses ~ from health care to telecommunications to real estate ~ get the job done right.


We knew we’d be rewarded with more business if we did a great job, and that’s exactly what happened.


A decade later, we now offer an extensive list of marketing and PR services from strategic marketing consultation to annual advertising campaigns and PR programs.  In some cases, clients use On Special Assignment to manage all of their marketing and PR needs.


Whether you need one small project or an entire community relations campaign, as a client- focused business, we’re here to help.