“OSA are experienced, professional

and help us keep ahead of the curve

to get the job done.”

Sometimes the gods smile, the planets line up just right and the sun shines down on you.  One of your favorite clients wants to give you a big project with a quick turnaround.  But your lead account executive is out on maternity leave / vacation.  What do you do? 


You can turn down the assignment.  No, that’s bad for business.  You want this client ~ all clients for that matter ~ to know they can count on you to keep up with their growing business. 


You could staff up.  That will get you past the resource squeeze, but what are those extra employees going to do when the assignment is complete?  Playing solitaire doesn’t pay the bills.


Or you can call us.  On Special Assignment, Inc. was created to handle on-demand projects with speed, expertise and professionalism.  With our years of corporate, agency and industry experience we can provide you with a team of professionals. You can count on us to represent your firm professionally and get the job done right.


You’re happy with us.  Your client is happy with you.  Life is good.